The Story Begins

The Story Begins

at the end of my junior year at the University of Southern California. Although I was excited to come home to the East Coast, I couldn't help but feel a void within myself.

After my freshman year at USC, I attempted to kickstart a streetwear-clothing business as I have always loved to draw growing up, which later transitioned into graphic design. Unfortunately, the fear of judgment and failure overcame me, so I completely trashed the idea. The idea was buried, but the passion never left. 

Several days after returning home, I sat in my bed and decided to give the streetwear path another go. I figured the best place to start was the logo. I thought heavily about my identities, such as my nickname, Brynny-Bear growing up, my love for anime, and Halloween's proximity to my birthday, October 25th. Once I applied these ingredients to my design, the 1025 logo was complete. To all of the One Piece fans out there, If you look at the 1025 bear's scar underneath its left eye, you will see that it's the same scar that's underneath Luffy's eye. Luffy's winning spirit and faith in himself motivated me to behave the same, so I knew I had to include such a symbolic character who has made such a positive impact on my life. 

Later that summer in July, I was interning in New York. I was staying with my older sister, and my brother decided to visit us one weekend. After visiting a vintage market with me on Broadway one humid afternoon, my brother came across a vendor who offered to make custom t-shirts on the spot. My brother excitedly encouraged me to accept the offer and make a 1025 t-shirt. The final product garnered immediate attention from retailers, passersby, and prospective consumers. It was my first time going public with a design, and the feeling was indescribable. At that moment, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

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