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Into The Unknown Part 2: Grey Area T-shirt

Into The Unknown Part 2: Grey Area T-shirt

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As you continue to pursue the path of uncertainty, risks will only increase. Will you keep going, or will you choose to play it safe? This is a call to dive inward and learn more about yourself and your heart's desires. EMBRACE THE GREY AREA. 

Material: 100% Cotton 

Weight: 280gsm 

Color: Black & Grey 

Size + Fit: True-to-size. Click here for size chart.  

If you have any questions regarding your order, please refer to the FAQ page. 

Washing Instructions


- Do not use a strong detergent solution 

- Wash inside out 

- Wash individually with first washings 

- Use the wash mode for fabrics, wool, or light wash mode (delicates)

*Note: The print color may be slightly faded after repeated washing and ironing.*

Drying Instructions


- No direct exposure under sunlight 

- Hang Dry 

Ironing Instructions


- Do not stretch 

- Do not exceed 60 C

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